Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges

Criminal sexual conduct is also referred to as sex crimes and includes a number of serious sexual offenses including rape, unwanted sexual conduct, statutory rape, sexual assault, child solicitation, child pornography, child enticement, sodomy, incest, prostitution and much more. This is a very serious offense that can ruin the rest of your life. Sex crimes often come with severe consequences including jail time, hefty fines, community service, rehabilitation and a permanent black mark on your criminal record Do not risk your future – if you have been arrested for any criminal sexual conduct crime, contact our Minnesota criminal defense team today.

Minnesota Sex Crimes

Our lawyers have experience handling all sexual crime arrests including but not limited to the following:

  • All degrees of criminal sexual conduct, from first degree to fifth degree

  • Sexual assault, date rape and rape accusations

  • Child sex crimes including rape, child pornography and child enticement

  • Incest and sodomy cases

  • Internet sex crimes

  • Gross misdemeanor sex crimes including prostitution, pimping, solicitation, loitering with intent to prostitute and indecent exposure