Why You Shouldn’t Talk to the Police

Should I talk to the police?

People frequently ask – “Should I talk to the police?”  If an officer calls you or asks you to call them or approaches you in person, the answer is always “no.”  Often, when being questioned by the police, that if they cooperate and answer the officer’s questions it will decrease the chance of being arrested.  Typically, peole feel that, when speaking to law enforcement, they can simply explain their side of the story and this will decrease their chances of being arrested or charged with a crime.  This is never a good idea for many reasons.  My advice to anyone is to never talk to the police.   Police officers are legally permitted to lie to you to obtain information.

In fact, many officers are well-trained at getting people to talk and make admissions that they often do not realize, will be used against them.   Police often tell people that they will benefit from being honest and answering any and all questions.  Remember, you always have a right to remain silent and anything you say will be used against you.

You do not have to consent to a search of your home unless the police have a search warrant.  The Police are not allowed to enter your home and conduct a search unless they have your consent or a warrant.

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