Things to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are seeking an expungement or facing criminal charges, an experienced attorney can be an important factor is helping you to resolve the matter and allowing you to move on with your life. Here are some factors to consider before hiring an attorney:

  • Experience
    • How long the attorney you are considering hiring has been practicing is not the only thing to think about in terms of experience. Rather, how much of the attorney’s practice is devoted to criminal defense? Criminal convictions very often have adverse consequences on employment, housing, and professional licensing. Has your attorney discussed possible collateral consequences and sanctions with you?
  • Personality
    • This may sound silly, but it is important that you feel that your attorney is intelligent and that after meeting or speaking with your attorney, that you have respect for him or her. In criminal defense, a lot of cases turn on plea negotiations. If your case comes down to entering a plea, you want to know that your attorney is trustworthy and is being honest with you when advising you whether or not a particular resolution is your best option. If you do these feelings, you may later regret taking his or her advice when deciding whether to take a plea deal or not.
  • Communication
    • If you are uncertain about potential consequences from a criminal offense, the last thing you need is to be left in the dark. The most common complaint from clients about their attorney is that the attorney does not communicate with them. A dedicated criminal defense attorney should understand that you are very worried about your case, and that you are uncertain of the outcome. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are able to communicate with your attorney effectively, and be confident that whenever a question arises you can call and speak with your attorney.
  • Cost
    • Cost is a factor that you should weigh last, and should be the least important consideration when hiring an attorney. While you don’t want to bankrupt yourself simply to hire an attorney, you also don’t want cost itself be determinative as to which attorney your hire. More important than cost is peace of mind – you should be comfortable and confident with your attorney and feel that he or she will do everything possible based on the facts and circumstances surrounding your case to resolve the matter as best as possible. Remember, sometimes cheap really is cheap.

To find answers to the considerations listed above, you should set up an initial consultation with the attorney. Most attorneys are happy to sit down with you for a free consultation to discuss your specific case, what strategies they would employ in you defense, and answer any questions you might have.

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