Plymouth Criminal Defense Lawyer

Searching for an attorney for your criminal case in Plymouth?

I, Attorney Anthony Grostyan, am an aggressive criminal defense attorney with over a decade of legal experience. I handle criminal cases every day and I have come to know the inner workings and tactics of the criminal justice system. Over the years I have learned to build solid, winning defense strategies that protect my clients against the prosecution. If you are facing criminal charges in Plymouth, MN then don’t try to take on your case alone. Often times the suspect’s rights are overlooked or violated and they end up paying the ultimate price by facing the maximum penalty for a crime that they may or may not have committed. Don’t leave anything to chance. Speak with a Plymouth criminal defense attorney from Grostyan & Associates, PLC today to get started on your case!

Extensive Trial and Courtroom Experience

With an assertive legal defender on your side, your chances of securing a dismissal or reduction of your charges will be far greater. As a criminal lawyer I take it upon myself to go above and beyond for my clients. In doing this I looking closer into case investigations to make sure that the police or the prosecuting attorney didn’t overlook any important details. I also look for case flaws and areas of misconduct that could be seen as a violation of your civil rights. My firm can recognize these slipups and use them in your favor so that you are given the upper hand in court. Let me work to dismantle the prosecution’s case so can escape serious criminal punishment.

Proven Track Record of Success

Here at Grostyan & Associates, PLC clients can feel confident knowing that I have a successful track record and a slew of case victories under my belt. When it comes down to it, experience matters! My firm provides honest, effective and hard-hitting defense for the criminally accused in and around Plymouth. I am committed to protecting the rights of the accused, whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a complex felony crime. It’s time to see for yourself! Check out my recent case victories to read about the successful results I have obtained for past clients.

Defense against a Broad Spectrum of Criminal Offenses

At my firm there is no case too austere or grim for my legal team to handle. I have successfully taken on serious felony crimes and federal crimes, so don’t lose hope. My firm can represent you if you have been charged with a drug crime, violent crime, white collar crime, juvenile crime, theft crime, internet crime, weapon crime or a probation violation. Keep in mind that the penalties grow significantly with each subsequent offense and with serious crime you need a serious defense. Whether you have been charged with domestic violence, assault, kidnapping, rape or burglary, I stand ready to take on your case.

My firm also provides aggressive defense to people who have been charged with DWI. Drunk driving is taken very seriously in Minnesota and there are serious penalties for those who are found guilty. Take extra precautions to protect your license! As a Plymouth DWI attorney I defend clients who are facing felony DWI, multiple DWI, underage DWI, first offense DWI, DWI with injuries and DWI and drugs. No matter what your offense may be, you must act quickly in order to avoid the harsh penalties, including license suspension. Be sure to schedule a DMV hearing immediately following your arrest so that you can contest the suspension of your license. If you already have DWI convictions or other criminal offenses on your record, my firm can inform you about the expungement process. Call my firm today to ask about expunction and cleaning up your criminal record.

Put Your Rights in the Right Hands

I am a proud member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice. This society is made up of fifty of the top criminal defense attorneys in the state of Minnesota and it is an honor to be a part of it. Let me prepare a solid defense for your case today, remember that a good defense begins now, not in the courtroom. I can work diligently to protect your rights in court, so call today to schedule a free initial case evaluation. Call Grostyan & Associates, PLC now at (612) 200-2719 to speak with a Plymouth criminal defense attorney.

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