Prematurely Judging St. Cloud Man Accused of Homicide

A St. Cloud man was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of murdering his mother.

Although the crime with which the man is accused is reprehensible, as a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, it is my duty to point out that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. We all should wait until his case has made it through court before we judge him.

The 52-year-old man was arrested Sunday after his 72-year-old mother was found dead in her apartment. At this point, police have not commented on what led them to suspect the son. They did say that the man lived in the same apartment complex of his mother; the two seem to have had a rocky relationship.

The man has been booked into Stearns County Jail on suspicion of second-degree murder.

Authorities did say the son has a long history of struggles with mental illness and that he has had prior legal trouble with domestic incidents. That seems to indicate that the man needed help badly, but was not able to get the assistance he needed. If that is indeed what happened, then it is a terrible tragedy that his difficulties have reached a point where he is accused of murder.

If you are ever accused of a crime, you should consider hiring a criminal defense attorney. That may be the best way to ensure that your legal rights are respected. Taking criminal accusations lightly is a grave mistake indeed.

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