Navigating the Legal System Effectively on a First DWI Charge

There is nothing more frightening for most people than being charged with a criminal offense. While the initial shock of being arrested is very frightening for most people, it can be just the beginning of a much larger problem. An initial charge of driving under the influence can create trouble with finding jobs, applying for housing and other endeavors. The right disposition at the end of a legal proceeding can help out a great deal in terms of allowing someone to resume their life with minimal chance of disruption. An experienced and hardworking attorney is going to go a long way in pursuing the best disposition possible with regard to a criminal case.

An unchallenged charge of driving under the influence can directly impact job prospects, college admissions and other professional endeavors. By litigating someone can potentially decrease the negative impact a criminal charge might have on their life. The likelihood of receiving probation or even a deferred judgment increases over the likelihood of jail time or a criminal charge. While there are no guarantees for a positive final disposition in court having proper representation when facing a DWI is well worth the investment.

Of course being proactive when interacting with one’s attorney is very important, a lawyer cannot work with information they do not have. Someone without a legal background is in no position to decide what does or does not constitute vital information, which is why they should always disclose everything they know to their legal representative. With all of the information at their disposal an attorney can better negotiate and determine the right course of action. Even the minutest detail about being stopped by an officer could reveal a procedural mistake that violated the rights of the client.

Things do not just stop at a traffic stop though; the way in which evidence is gathered, transported or even stored can be disputed in court. An attorney who practices due diligence will go the extra mile in order to dispute every claim made by the prosecution that it can. Offering up these challenges helps a great deal in persuading the prosecutor to either drop the case or negotiate a favorable plea bargain. It is even possible in some instances to receive a deferred judgment in which the charge eventually disappears from someone’s criminal record completely.

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