Felony Charges of Fleeing a Peace Officer- Case Dismissed

Trial lawyer Anthony M. Grostyan recently took on a felony case in Wright County. The formal charges against his client were for fleeing a Peace Officer in a Motor Vehicle. This crime is described further in the Minnesota Statutes § 609.487, subd. 3. The client was also facing fourth degree DWI charges according to Minnesota Statutes §169A.20. An Omnibus Hearing was scheduled for November 26, 2013 where Attorney Grostyan represented the defendant in the case of State v. C.Y.S. The evidence against the client was a video from the squad car which showed the client driving at high speeds in attempt to flee from the police.

After deliberations and negotiations, Attorney Grostyan came out on top. Mr. Grostyan was able to negotiate with the prosecution so that the felony charges would be completely dismissed. This saved the client from a felony conviction, a three year imprisonment and a fine of $5,000.

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