DWI Charges in Minnesota

If you are facing DWI charges it is important to contact a DWI defense attorney as soon as possible.  Minnesota DWI laws involve a number of deadlines with respect to defending against the criminal charges.  Also, in order to avoid the alcohol related license revocation or vehicle seizure, you must file petitions in court within certain timelines or you will lose the right to do so.  Therefore, it is important to call a DWI defense attorney right away to contest the alcohol related license revocation.  The reason this is important is that, regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges, if you do not contest and prevail on the civil license case (referred to as the Implied Consent case), you will forever be treated by law enforcement and your insurance company as if you were convicted of the DWI offense.  This is true regardless of the outcome of the DWI criminal charges.  Hiring an experienced DWI lawyer can significantly increase your chances of avoiding the penalties of a DWI and driver’s license revocation.

If you have been arrested for a DWI, call now to avoid giving up your legal rights.

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