DWI Charges Against ABC’s Sam Donaldson Dismissed

Often on this blog, we write about drunk driving incidents that occur in the Twin Cities metro area.

However, we recently came across a news story that is worth sharing with our Minneapolis and St. Paul readers, even though it isn’t local.

The story concerns veteran ABC News personality Sam Donaldson, who formerly covered the White House and anchored “Prime Time Live.”

In December 2012, Donaldson was arrested in Delaware on suspicion of drunk driving. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the officer who arrested Donaldson administered field sobriety tests (such as asking the driver to follow a horizontally moving pen with his or her eyes), concluded that he was drunk and then arrested him. It is not clear whether Donaldson was given a blood-alcohol content test (like a Breathalyzer).

In November, a judge dismissed the case, finding that police had insufficient cause to arrested Donaldson. In a statement, Donaldson said he was “extremely satisfied with the result.”

The reason we wanted to share this story with our readers is that as Minneapolis DWI attorneys, we think it shows how a DWI arrest is only the start of a long process that does not always lead to a DWI conviction. If you work closely with an experienced criminal defense attorney, you might find that you have more opportunities to stand up for yourself than you realized.

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