Warrants in Minnesota

Help for Outstanding Warrants in Minneapolis

One frightening aspect of criminal law is that you could be suspected of committing a crime without ever being aware of it until the police suddenly show up at your door and arrest you. Warrants for arrest can be issued but not acted upon for a long time. Many times, outstanding warrants are neglected until a police conducts traffic stop and notices the warrant. If that is the case, a simple case of being pulled over for speeding can turn into a full-fledged arrest.

If there is reason to believe that the police have a warrant for your arrest, you should contact a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney right away. I, criminal attorney Tony Grostyan, can inquire into the files of the police agency to find out whether there is cause for suspicion and whether we need to begin building a case for your defense. Do not waste any time or risk any punishment by failing to take this situation seriously. A warrant will lead to your arrest, which can lead to a criminal trial. Act now and make sure you are prepared for whatever is ahead.

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When there is a warrant out for your arrest because you failed to pay, you may think that the judge will show you grace because your offense isn’t as serious as others. However, regardless of whether the warrant is related to attending alcohol treatment classes, attending meetings with a probation officer, or failing to appear in court, you will still be liable for penalties under the law. You need a dedicated and proven criminal defender from my firm, Grostyan & Associates, in order to resolve your matter without jail time.

Individuals who are placed on probation as part of a criminal punishment will face even more severe penalties if a judge feels that the individual took advantage of the situation and failed to adhere to the terms of the probation. The judge may decide to bring back the full penalties of the original sentence and even add on additional jail time for the probation violation. Even if you feel that your situation is hopeless, I am confident in my ability to work hard and provide you with a favorable resolution. I have over a decade of experience defending clients throughout Minneapolis against a wide range of criminal charges and I will passionately defend you.

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