Violation of DWI Probation

Retain a Tough Attorney if Accused of DWI Probation

shutterstock_13686847[1]If you have been convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI), a judge may have granted probation based on you meeting specific conditions. A probation officer may be assigned to monitor your progress and ensure that you are meeting all of the requirements. If there is a violation of probation, such as missed appointments or failure to participate in substance abuse programs, the probation officer may prepare a violation report back to the sentencing judge, who will likely issue an arrest warrant.

Probation violations can result in the remainder of the probation being served in jail, additional time being added to the probationary period, or additional fines. While all violations of probation are serious, a second DWI offense will be treated very harshly by the court. Whatever the circumstance of your DWI probation violation may be, your most important first step toward protecting your freedom is to contact a Minneapolis criminal attorney as soon as you can.

If a warrant is issued after a DWI probation violation, you will need to surrender to jail and appear in court to resolve the matter. The judge has very wide discretion on imposing potential penalties, so it is very important that you have a Minneapolis criminal lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to assist you in avoiding harsh penalties. My firm, Grostyan & Associates PLC, has a successful track record in tirelessly defending our clients and protecting their freedom.

Help for DWI Probation Violations in Minneapolis

Over the past decade, my firm has helped thousands of clients in both felony and misdemeanor criminal matters. I avidly believe in your constitutional rights and I am prepared to tenaciously defend those rights while negotiating on your behalf and defending you in court, if necessary. My firm can fully investigate the alleged violation of probation, interview witnesses, and provide the personal attention necessary to keep you fully informed about all of your legal options.

Contact Grostyan & Associates, PLCto schedule an initial case consultation immediately when your freedom may be threatened by a violation of DWI probation.