Probation Violations in Minneapolis

Have you violated the terms of your probation?

shutterstock_50492266[1]When you are on probation, you are being consistently monitored to ensure good behavior and compliance with any specific requirements set forth by the court.

Violations of probation can therefore occur in many forms, including but not limited to:

  • Failing to pay a fine you were ordered to pay
  • Not attending counseling or rehabilitation programs ordered by the court
  • Failing to carry out the full term of community service ordered
  • Being involved in further trouble with the law
  • Not completing required training courses such as driver education
  • Missing a scheduled court appearance
  • Failing to check in with your probation officer as scheduled
  • Skipping any court-ordered drug or alcohol tests
  • Violating any travel restrictions imposed
  • Changing your address or phone number without informing your probation officer

It can happen that you are accused of violating your probation by mistake due to false information. In other cases, a situation may have occurred based on a misunderstanding, which may be able to be cleared up without negative consequences. It is vital however, that you obtain the help of a Minneapolis criminal lawyer as this is a delicate situation and requires an effective legal address.

What should I expect after being accused of violating my probation?

If you are suspected of violating probation, you will be asked to attend a hearing when you will either admit or deny to the accusation that you broke the terms of your probation. If you deny the charge, you will then be called to attend an evidentiary hearing where the prosecution will present their case against you before the judge. At that time, your Minneapolis criminal lawyer will also be allowed to speak in your defense and refute the evidence that was brought against you. If the judge rules in your favor, you will go back to carrying out the remainder of your probation as it stood prior to the charge. If the judge decides that you did violate probation, an additional penalty will be issued.

If you admit to violating probation at the initial hearing, the judge will go on to levy sanctions based on the crime that led to your probation, the length of time remaining on your probation and the nature of the violation that you allegedly committed. It is equally as important to have an attorney present if you admit to violating probation because he or she will be able to argue for a fair sanction.

Once you are notified of the accusation that you violated probation, you should contact a criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis immediately. Even if your initial reaction would be to admit to the charge, an experienced attorney may think otherwise. Having dependable legal representation by your side will ensure that your rights are protected no matter what happens.

Call a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney!

The specific consequences of probation violations will vary depending on the crime for which you were placed on probation and the penalties it potentially carried. You can find yourself facing the original penalties if the judge is not satisfied with your explanation. Penalties may also be imposed for the violation itself. Repeat offenders will likely receive little leniency, especially if there has been more than one violation on this one particular case.

I, Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer Anthony Grostyan, encourage you to call Grostyan & Associates, PLC if you are facing probation violation. We are prepared to aggressively fight in order to defend you from additional or unfair penalties so that you can move on from this past conviction. Request a free consultation today!