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Arson crimes in Minnesota

shutterstock_17729563[1]Under Minnesota law, arson is the criminal act of purposefully setting fire to your property, or the property of another with unfitting motives.  Some people willfully set fire to their home so that they can file a claim with their insurance company and recover money for the damages.

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Degrees of Criminal Charges for Arson

According to the Minnesota Statute § 609.561, arson is broken up into five different degrees of penalties, with the first degree being the most severe.  Penalties for arson depend on the type of dwelling involved and whether or not the structure was occupied at the time of the alleged incident.

  1. First Degree Arson– This is when the defendant intentionally uses explosives or fire to destroy structure, whether it was occupied or not.
  2. Second Degree Arson– This is when someone willfully tries to destroy an unoccupied structure that is worth more than $1,000, using fire or explosives.
  3. Third Degree Arson– This crime is constitutes intentionally burning real or personal property that is about $300-$999 in value.
  4. Fourth Degree Arson– This charge could arise if someone tries setting fire or using explosives to destroy any structure that is not clearly defined in the previous charges. For example, setting fire to a condo or apartment would be considered fourth degree arson.
  5. Fifth Degree Arson– This specific charge is for defendants who willfully set fire to personal property. The value of the property does not matter.

Arson Crimes in Minnesota

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