Are You Eligible For Expungement?

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shutterstock_37363873[2]Due to the strict laws for criminal convictions in Minnesota, one small criminal infraction can follow an individual for the remainder of their lives. Not only do convictions come with immediate penalties such as fines and prison time, but the consequences of those convictions can haunt all aspects of one’s life years after the sentence has been fully carried out. When an individual who has a prior conviction or arrest on their criminal record seeks to improve their life by pursuing education and career goals, their chances for success can be hindered because of the presence of that conviction on their public record.

Helping You Hide Your Past Convictions

If you have a prior criminal conviction or arrest, you can ask the court to order the records associated with the conviction and/or arrest be sealed or destroyed so the records do not appear on a background check.  This is referred to as  an expungement.

When an arrest or conviction is expunged, it means that criminal background checks will not reveal these records.

Expunging Arrests

When a person is arrested in Minnesota, the record of that incident will be added to his or her criminal record regardless of whether they were charged or convicted of the alleged crime.  The presence of a past arrest on one’s record can have adverse consequences.

Expunging Convictions

It is also possible to obtain an expungement even if you were convicted of the charges.

Minnesota Expungement Lawyer

The process of obtaining an expungement for an arrest or conviction is complicated.  It is important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney familiar with the Minnesota Expungement law in order to increase your chances of convictions and arrests being expunged from your record.

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