Prostitution Charges MN

Defense Lawyer Prostitution Charges

Defense Lawyer Prostitution Charges

A prostitution conviction will remain on your criminal record and make it nearly impossible to impress future employers and to be respected by fellow members of society.

You have the right to defend the charges.  Anthony M. Grostyan has 17 years of experience with g aggressive criminal defense to clients in Minneapolis and other surrounding areas for more than a decade. Contact an attorney before you give up your rights. Call: 612-341-6575

Penalties for prostitution in Minnesota

Penalties for prostitution charges include:

Maximum Sentence

  • Up to $40,000 in fines
  • 20 Years in Prison

First Time Offenders

  • A Fine of $1,000
  • 90 Days in Jail

Prior convictions can result in aggravated charges.

  • Soliciting of Prostitution– Offering sex to someone in return for monetary payment.
  • Inducement of Prostitution– Persuading someone to participate in sexual acts for money, acting as their pimp
  • Promoting Prostitution– Offering up a prostitution and then the collecting payment for their actions
  • Engaging in Prostitution in a School or Park– If you are found committing prostitution in one of these areas, then you could face increased penalties
  • Sexual Loitering– Standing in a particular area with the intent to offer up sexual services for payment

Prostitution is a serious crime.  It is important not to talk to the police before talking to a criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota.

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