Controlled Substance

Controlled Substance Possession Defense Lawyer

Penalties for Controlled Substance, Possession or Sale of a Controlled Substance are serious and often involved life-changing collateral consequences if you are convicted of Felony Drug or Controlled Substance crime in Minnesota.

Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, Anthony Grostyan, knows how to defend you against drug or controlled substance possession charges and will talk to about your case for free.   Call 612-341-6575 now to find out what to do to avoid these charges or a conviction for a drug offense.  Grostyan & Associates, PLC

Criminal Defense Drug Charges Lawyer

If you are charged with or under investigation for Felony drug charges, including Felony Controlled Substance Possession or Felony Controlled Substance Sale, you need an experienced, aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney on your side. Anthony has been successfully defending clients accused of Felony Drug Possession or Sale Crimes in Minnesota District Court and Federal Court for over 15 years. His office is located in downtown Minneapolis but he defends drug cases in every Minnesota County including Hennepin, Dakota, Ramsey, Washington, Anoka, Stearns, Wright, Olmsted, Crow Wing, St. Louis, Aitkin, Scott, Carver, Goodhue,

Minnesota controlled substance crimes include:

  • First Degree Controlled Substance Possession or First Degree Controlled Substance Sale
  • Second Degree Controlled Substance Possession or Second Degree Controlled Substance Sale
  • Third Degree Controlled Substance Possession or Third Degree Controlled Substance Sale
  • Fourth Degree Controlled Substance Possession Fourth Degree Controlled Substance Sale
  • Fifth Degree drugs or controlled substance possession

Any person accused of a controlled substance crime should seek to hire an experienced attorney to review his or her case and to discuss issues that may be present in the facts of the case and which could help the person defend themselves against the charges.

Anthony represents people facing drug or controlled substance charges throughout Minnesota, including possession of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and prescription drugs.

He has also successfully defended people charged with drug crimes in obtaining seized property, including seized vehicles, cash and other property seized by the government in connection with felony drug charges.

Depending on the allegations of your particular case, drug charges can be prosecuted in either Minnesota State Court or Federal Court in Minnesota.  Federal drug charges often involve far more serious potential penalties and prison.  The potential penalties and length of time in prison you can be facing will vary depending on the type and amount of drug involved and other circumstances of your case.  If you have prior drug convictions, you could be facing mandatory minimum jail or mandatory prison sentences. Some felony drug charges carry a mandatory prison sentence even if you have no prior criminal charges.

If you have been arrested, accused or charged with Felony Drug Charges, call me now so I can help you.  I offer free consultations to assess the facts of your case and discuss any possible defenses you have available to you to prevent a conviction for a Felony Drug Possession charge or Felony Drug Sale charge.  Contact us today for your free consultation or call us at 612-341-6575.