Cameras In Minnesota Courts

Though the majority of court hearings are open to the public, photo and video cameras have not been allowed. That is until recently. Last July, a pilot program was set up that may lead to photo and video cameras becoming a common courtroom occurrence.

However, even though the program has been in place since last July, March 9, 2012 was only the fourth time cameras were present at a live hearing. The pilot program allows for photos and video cameras only in civil cases. Opponents of the pilot program are concerned cameras in the courtroom will dissuade victims or witnesses from testifying or create opportunities for attorneys to play to the cameras. However, the overall consensus from the limited number of judges and attorneys who have been a part of the pilot program was that they forgot the cameras were even there.

Presumably, with concerns about victim and witness involvement begin deterred by cameras in the courtrooms, cameras will continue to be banned from criminal hearings.

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