What if I Violated Probation?

What happens if I violated my probation?

Alleged probation violations obviously differ in severity depending on the type of conviction that is the basis of the probation and the alleged violation of the terms of probation.  Often times, probation violations are unintentional, such as, failing to appear in court by mistake or for good reason or a misunderstanding of the terms of your probation.

If you’re accused of violating probation, the first appearance in court is an “Admit or Deny Hearing,” where you either admit the allegations of the probation violations or deny the allegations, in which case, the court will give you another court date to return for a hearing  where probation or the prosecutor has to prove by clear and convincing evidence that you violated one or more terms of your probation.  If you admit the violation, the court will determine the appropriate punishment which can include fines, jail or prison.

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