Dangers of Posting Details of Pending Criminal Charges

Do not post anything on facebook or any social media site about your criminal case, arrest or pending charges

Many people share a lot about their life on social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter.  Posting anything about a recent arrest, criminal charges or an incident currently under police investigation is never a good idea.  If you are facing criminal charges or have anything to do with an ongoing police investigation, anything you post online can be used against you.  Even if you delete something that you have previously posted online, this information can be retrieved and used against you.

A recent example involves a drunken driving suspect who appears to have sideswiped one car and then crashed into another, ultimately killing a teenage driver.   After the incident, the suspect posted a photo of his damaged car on Facebook with a smiley face and the following message: “That’s her front end after I got done with her lol.”  He also posted a comment about spending the day at the hospital, followed up with some yard work.

On finding out that he had hit another driver who wound up passing away, he denied that he knew about this at the time he made his Facebook posts.  Regardless of this denial, these posts can be used against him.  The photo of the front his car can also be used as evidence against him to prove his guilt.

Keep in mind that what you post can be used against you.  Even if you delete it, it doesn’t really disappear.  If you’ve already posted details online about any incident, be sure to mention this when you contact Tony Grostyan.  He can help you try to mitigate any damage done from social media posts.

by Anthony M. Grostyan
Grostyan & Associates, PLC
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