1,500 Minnesotans Arrested During End-Of-Summer DWI Enforcement Push

Some 1,500 Minnesotans were arrested during the Department of Public Safety’s end-of-summer ‘Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over’ campaign, the department announced recently.

As a Minneapolis DWI lawyer, what I take from this is that it is very easy to have one more drink than is prudent and get behind the wheel. That does not make it okay, of course, but clearly, it is a mistake a great many people make.

Between August 16 and September 2, the dates of the campaign, 334 participating agencies arrested 1,556 Minnesotans on suspicion of drunk driving. (In Minnesota, the legal limit is 0.08, as it is in all other states.)

In the Twin Cities metro area, St. Paul police made 60 arrests for DWI during this time period, while Minneapolis police made 42. Bloomington police made 31 arrests, while White Bear Lake police made 27 and Eden Prairie police made 25.

Some instances were dramatic, such as a driver who was arrested with a blood-alcohol content of .4, which is five times the legal limit, but it seems the majority of arrests were not far over the legal limit.

As we said earlier, it is very easy to have just one drink too many. People do not have an easy means of telling what their own blood-alcohol content is, so it is really a guessing game — a guessing game many people lose.

If you are accused of driving while intoxicated, do not assume there is nothing you can do to defend yourself. The whole process is very intimidating, but with a criminal defense attorney in your corner, you might feel better about facing the changes against you.

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